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小吃类 » Appetizers

1 包子 Steamed Pork Bun £6.60
2 小笼蒸(水/煎)饺 Steamed/Boiled/Fried dumplings £6.80
配海带汤味碟 with seaweed soup
3 豆腐脑 Tofu £4.90
(鸡丝/粉蒸牛肉/粉蒸肥肠) +90p (with chicken, or minced beef,
or steemed pork intestine) +90p
4 四川鸡丝凉面 Sichuan shredded chicken noodles - served cold
(怪味/麻酱味/麻辣味) ('Funny'/Sesame/Spicy Flavor)
5 手工面或刀削面 Chinese Homemade Thin/Sliced noodles £5.80
(with Fried Ribs/Chicken/Seafood/Beef brisket/
Minced pork/"Dan Dan" sauce/Minced meat/
Sichuan mince sauce/Egg/Beef Offal)
6 四川抄手 Sichuan spicy dumplings £5.80
(红油/清汤) (with chilli oil or clear soup)
7 四川醪糟汤圆荷包蛋1个 Sichuan glutinous rice balls £5.20
(加一个鸡蛋) +50p (with fermented glutenous rice soup & egg, extra egg) +50p
8 夹饼/薄饼 Chinese pancake £4.60
(加粉蒸牛肉/肥肠) (with Minced beef or Pork intestines)
9 钵钵鸡 Chicken skewers in spicy sauce
contains bone
10 四川汤圆 Sichuan rice ball dessert £5.00
11 酸辣粉 Hot and sour soup with sweet potato noodles £4.50
(配粉蒸牛肉/肥肠) +90p (add minced beef or pork intestines) +90p
12 麻园一个 Deep fried sesame dough ball [1] £1.00
13 牛肉/豆沙焦饼/葱油粑粑2个 Beef/Sweet red bean paste/
Spring onion flavor Pancakes [2]
14 钟水饺 Dumplings with pork filling
in sweet and spicy sauce