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凉菜 香卤类 » Cold Dishes and Five Spiced Dishes

15 四川甜皮鸭 Sichuan Sweet Crispy Skin Duck [contains bone]
1/4只 quarter £7.50
半只 half £14.00
一只 whole £24.80
16 菇酥鱼条 Battered Fish Strips £7.50
17 麻辣肉干/牛干 Fried Pork/Beef with spices and cumin £8.00
18 夫妻肺片 Beef Offal Slices in Chilli Sauce
19 麻辣鸭舌/牛腱 Spiced Duck Tongue/Leg Beef [contains bone] £5.80
21 棒棒鸡/口水鸡 Bang bang chicken with peanut sauce/
Steamed chicken with peanut and
sesame in chilli sauce [contains bone]
22 红油猪耳/肚丝/百叶/笋丝 Pig's Ear/Shredded Intestine/
Beef Tripe/Bamboo Shoot
meat £6.00
vegetarian £4.50
23 蒜泥白肉 Sliced Pork with Garlic Paste £5.50
24 一青二白 Tofu with Spring Onions £4.50
25 青椒皮蛋 Preserved Duck Egg with Green Peppers £5.00
26 拍黄瓜/拌木耳 Cucumber Sticks with Spicy Vinegar Sauce £4.50
27 四川泡菜 Sichuan Pickled Vegetables £3.00
28 张家祖传卤味系列
Zhang's Traditional Marinated Dish
(Leg Beef, Pig's Ear, Pork belly, Duck Tongue, Beef Tripe [contains bone])